With hundreds of unique programs abroad and locally, students can find the perfect fit for their academic, personal, and professional goals, as well as their budget. We encourage you to carefully research your options using the Program Search, and attend a Huskers Abroad 101 session to get started.

Local & Virtual Programs

Local & virtual programs provide an opportunity to engage with other cultures and countries without traveling abroad.

Global Remote Internships

Complete a remote internship in your future career field with an organization located in Australia, Spain or Vietnam.

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Faculty-Led Programs

Attend courses developed, taught, and led by University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty member(s). Courses are often experiential and, in some cases, the faculty leader will arrange service learning opportunities to supplement the coursework. Register for and receive UNL course credits and grades just like an on-campus course; however, some opportunities may include transfer credit. Locations and courses vary each year so keep checking MyWorld for additional programs. Low enrollment numbers may result in the cancellation of a program/course but students will be notified as early as possible so they can have time to plan for a backup option.

Many courses run during the summer sessions, but some run over winter or spring break or for a full semester. Choose from over 20 programs in destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America!

Faculty-led Program List 

Exchange Programs

Challenge and distinguish yourself by studying as a fully-integrated student at a host institution for a semester or academic year. Exchange programs demand a high level of maturity and independence. Language programs often require strong language skills. The opportunities are competitive and deadlines are earlier than other program types. Exchange programs can be very cost-effective, as you will pay the amount of tuition and fees to UNL for 15 credit hours at the resident tuition rate based on your major and take classes at the partner institution, while a student from the partner institution takes classes at UNL.

Exchange Program List 

UNL Partner Universities (Bilateral Exchanges)

Bilateral exchanges are based on agreements between a host university and UNL for a reciprocal exchange of students and scholars. The number of students selected to participate in the exchange varies from year to year and depends on the balance of the exchange. If you are interested in studying at one of UNL’s partner institutions, please schedule an appointment with the Student Exchange Coordinator.

University-Wide Exchanges

UNL has established exchange agreements with specific host universities that allow UNL students from any major to attend these universities for a semester or academic year.

College/Department Exchanges

Several of UNL's colleges have established exchange agreements with institutions abroad specifically for their majors, such as Engineering or Architecture.

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

The ISEP network offers exchange opportunities in 50 countries. Please visit the ISEP website to search programs by country, area of study, and language. Space through ISEP-Exchange is competitive, so you may not get your first choice of host institution or country. You may also consider the less competitive ISEP-Direct option, which allows you to pay a set fee to ISEP to cover the cost of attendance at a host institution.

MyWorld and ISEP application deadlines are usually much earlier than other programs. Start your application early!

MAUI-Utrecht Network Exchange Program

Take advantage of UNL’s membership in the Mid-America Universities International (MAUI) organization by studying as an exchange student at one of 29 Utrecht Network universities in 26 European countries. Visit the MAUI-Utrecht website to learn more.

MAUI-Utrecht places students once a year. MyWorld application deadline is typically in mid-February.

Affiliated Programs

Affiliated programs are education abroad programs administered by other U.S. and foreign universities, nonprofit organizations, and private companies. These programs offer you a wide range of disciplines and destinations. Students will receive support from UNL Global Experiences Office, but students will also work directly with the affiliate organization's staff. On-site support and staff will be from the affiliate organization. Be sure to check all of the program information in MyWorld and on the affiliate organization’s website.

U.S.-based organizations include: AMIDEAST, API, CET Academic Programs, IES AbroadISA, SIT, and USAC
U.S.-based institutions/consortia include: Arcadia University, CIMBA Italy, and University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center
Foreign institutions include: University of Deusto

Some affiliated providers have automatic discounts and/or additional scholarship options.