Propose an Affiliation

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has formal affiliation agreements with several external organizations and institutions that offer credit-bearing education abroad experiences. Affiliations allow UNL to offer our students a wide variety of locations, program lengths, academic disciplines, and types of experiences. An affiliate is one of the following:
  • Education abroad organization or company;
  • U.S. university with education abroad programs open to students from other institutions;
  • Foreign university with an established program for visiting international students, a language institute, and/or a summer school.

Benefits of Affiliation

  • Affiliated programs are listed in the searchable MyWorld database, and the Global Experiences staff is better equipped to advise students about affiliated opportunities.
  • Affiliates may offer scholarships to UNL students.
  • UNL students pursuing an affiliated program may receive preference for UNL scholarships (over students pursuing an “Unlisted” program).
  • UNL bills students for the majority of the program cost via their MyRED student account, and UNL pays the affiliate. Such “direct billing” syncs the student payment deadline with the scholarships and financial aid disbursement date. Direct billing through UNL is a requirement for some UNL renewable scholarships such as the Susan T. Buffett Scholarship.
  • Affiliates’ representatives are welcome to visit campus twice per year and exhibit at the annual fair in September.
  • Affiliates may invite UNL faculty/staff to participate in program reviews, site visits, and other professional development opportunities, often at a discounted rate.*
*UNL faculty/staff should not endorse programs or engage in activities that could represent a conflict of interest, such as site visits or reviews associated with enrollment, endorsement, or participation quotas and reimbursement or discounts related to quotas.

Affiliation Request & Approval Process

In recent years, the Global Experiences Office has reduced the number of affiliates and programs in the MyWorld directory, to minimize duplication and improve advising and student support. However, organizations, programs, and student needs change over time, and the Global Experiences Office is open to adding partners and programs that fill gaps in UNL’s offerings. UNL faculty and staff may initiate a new affiliation request at any time, but the length of the approval process will vary (approximately six months to two years).

  1. A UNL faculty member or administrator (the “requestor”) completes a brief Affiliation Request Form in MyWorld. The Director of Global Experiences and the Director of Global Safety and Security conduct an initial review of the request.
  2. The Director of Global Experiences asks the prospective affiliate to complete the Prospective Affiliate Questionnaire (Word document or PDF).
  3. The Director of Global Experiences and the Director of Global Safety and Security review the Prospective Affiliate Questionnaire, call the organization and its references, discuss the draft affiliation agreement with UNL Procurement Services, and produce a Summary Report.
  4. The Global Experiences Advisory Committee reviews the request and makes a recommendation to the Associate Vice Chancellor (AVC) for Global Affairs.
  5. If needed: the Director of Global Safety and Security, the Director of Global Experiences, the AVC for Global Affairs, or another UNL representative conducts a site visit.
  6. The AVC for Global Affairs approves or denies the request, in final consultation with the Director of Global Experiences and the Director of Global Safety and Security.
  7. Once approved, the Vice Chancellor of Business & Finance signs an affiliation agreement between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the partner.

New Program Promotion

The requestor is encouraged to refrain from promoting the opportunity to UNL students until the affiliation has been formally approved. However, individual students may apply to the program as an “Unlisted" program. The timing of the approval will determine the first term/year that UNL officially promotes a new program:

Affiliation Approved By

Student Application Deadline

Term Abroad

January 1

March 1

Fall or Academic Year

August 1

October 1


December 1

February 1



Propose an Affiliation