The Global Experiences Office fosters students’ global awareness and personal, academic, and professional growth by offering a variety of study, internship, research, and service learning opportunities outside the U.S. The GEO values collaboration, academic integrity, diversity and inclusion, safety, and fiscal and administrative accountability. The GEO staff:

  • Provides students with specialized services and resources before, during, and after the experience abroad, throughout the processes of outreach and advising, program selection and application, course registration, budgeting and payment, pre-departure preparation, and academic credit transfer.
  • Supports UNL faculty and units in their efforts to develop, promote, coordinate, and evaluate for-credit opportunities; identifies external programs to expand students’ options; administers education abroad scholarships; and reports on student participation to campus partners and professional organizations.
  • Facilitates the short-term non-degree study at UNL of international students supported through exchange agreements with foreign institutional partners.
  • Develops, communicates, and implements education abroad policies and procedures, striving for compliance with UNL and Nebraska policies and the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.
  • Partners with the Director of Global Safety and Security to manage risk and advise on health and safety by managing international insurance for students, maintaining a travel registry of all UNL-sponsored international travel, and coordinating UNL’s response in the event of an emergency.