Propose a Faculty-Led Program

Thank you for taking the time and effort to plan a faculty-led education abroad program. Much work is involved in developing and directing a successful educational experience abroad, and we appreciate the dedication that you are bringing to your program. Very often short-term faculty-led experiences lead to longer and more independent international experiences for students.  In a very direct way, you are helping to train globally aware leaders of tomorrow by providing this life-changing experience.

 The purpose of faculty-led programs is to provide an international learning experience to students that cannot be taught on campus, and to complement the various curricula at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Faculty-led programs are offered for UNL credit or for transfer credit from a foreign academic institution (or a combination of both). Programs, typically ranging from one week to six weeks, are offered at various times throughout the year. The most common times are: summer, winter break, and spring break. Faculty and course content must be approved by the department and college offering the academic credits. The Global Experiences Office is responsible for providing the administrative infrastructure for the program and for assuring that the program meets the administrative and financial requirements of the University.

Please use the resources on the following pages to help you design, propose, arrange, and lead your program. Please know that the Global Experiences staff is available to support you throughout the process and consider attending an upcoming workshop session to learn more.