Timeline for Planning & Preparing for your Experience

When and where to start the application and preparation process.

Six Months to a Year Prior to Departure

Three to Six Months Prior to Departure

  • Set up an appointment with your college Coordinator
  • Set up an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plan
  • Review your program cost sheet and make sure you understand the full cost.
  • Visit with an advisor in Husker Hub to discuss your current UNL/federal aid and other funding options.
  • Apply to additional scholarship funding.
  • Submit your application to the UNL Global Experiences Office through MyWorld and apply directly to the provider/host institution if required.

Two to Three Months Prior to Departure

One to Two Months Prior to Departure

  • Finalize course pre-departure credit evaluations if seeking transfer credit.
  • Complete cost adjustment worksheet and meeting with Husker Hub to secure financial aid and UNL scholarships.
  • Attend UNL pre-departure orientation.
  • Complete remaining items in MyWord portal.
  • Photocopy any important documents you are taking with you such as your passport, I.D., credit card, and debit card. Scan copies to yourself and a family member.
  • Inform your bank and credit card companies of your travel plans so they do not freeze your accounts; check to see whether your bank charges service fees for international transactions or ATM withdrawals.