Eligibility & Conditions of Participation

Application or Registration with UNL Global Experiences Office

Per the Chancellor’s Policy Memorandum 2013-10:

  1. All abroad (i.e. study, research, internship, and service learning abroad) opportunities for students sponsored by the University must be administered through the UNL Global Experiences Office.
  2. All other international student travel sponsored by UNL (in name or through funding, coordination, and/or faculty/staff advising) must be registered with the Global Experiences Office.

It will be assumed that any abroad activity not registered with the Global Experiences Office is not sponsored by the University and thus its participants are not eligible for scholarships, travel reimbursement, or academic credit.

Student status at UNL

  • For UNL faculty-led programs, eligibility is determined by the program leader(s). Some programs are open to degree-seeking UNL students only, and some have additional eligibility requirements such as academic level, specific majors/minors, or course prerequisites. Many are open to visiting and post-baccalaureate students over the age of 18, but preference may be given to degree-seeking UNL students.
  • UNL exchange programs are only open to degree-seeking UNL students and some have additional eligibility requirements or preferences such as academic level or specific majors/minors.
  • Affiliated programs are typically only open to degree-seeking UNL students, but in some special situations post-baccalaureate students may be admitted.

Minimum GPA

The minimum GPA varies by program. Please consult the program’s MyWorld web brochure for the minimum GPA.

  • For UNL faculty-led programs, the minimum GPA to participate is typically 2.0 or 2.5, but is higher in some cases.
  • For UNL exchange programs, the minimum GPA is typically 3.0.
  • For affiliated programs, the minimum GPA is set by the administering organization or institution. The Global Experiences Office will typically not support a student’s participation on an affiliated program if the student does not meet the minimum GPA published in the program materials, but the student may inquire with Global Experiences prior to applying.

Academic Probation & Dismissal

A student on academic probation at the time of application will not be accepted into a program abroad. 

Change in status: If a student goes on probation between the date of acceptance and the program start date, the student will be dismissed from the program at their own expense. (Exceptions will be made for students who go on academic probation following the spring semester and plan to participate on a program with a start date in early summer). Students should notify the Global Experiences Office as early as possible if there is a possibility that they will be on academic probation during their program abroad.

Appeals: A student on academic probation that is dismissed from a program abroad can appeal the decision to the Director of Global Experiences, who will consult with the relevant faculty leader, organization, or institution.

Dismissal: A student who has been dismissed from UNL is not eligible to participate regardless of timing and the regular withdrawal policy will apply.

Student Conduct

An experience abroad is a privilege, not a right. Participants are representatives of the University throughout their experience, and, due to the unique challenges and risks attendant to programs abroad, the University reserves the right to dismiss a student from participation in a program at any point due to conduct or compliance issues. Conduct that may result in dismissal includes - but is not limited to - violations of the Student Code of Conduct, failure to meet deadlines, non-compliance with instructions, and written and/or verbal abuse of faculty, staff, affiliates, students, or others. The rules on conduct apply at all stages of the experience, including during advising, pre-departure preparations, while abroad, and as a returnee, and they govern conduct with faculty, staff, students, affiliates, volunteers, and others at UNL, in transit, and overseas. Conduct issues may result in University disciplinary sanctions and/or dismissal from a program at the student’s own expense and without the awarding of academic credit.

Disciplinary Violations & Criminal Record

Student applications will be assessed based on the date and severity of the disciplinary violation(s) and criminal record. Students with minor offenses typically are approved to participate. More serious concerns, such as inclusion in a sex offender registry, felon status, or active university disciplinary probation, will result in exclusion from participation in a program abroad. If a student has a disciplinary violation or criminal charge between the date of acceptance and the program start date, the student’s eligibility to participate will be assessed based on the specific circumstances. If not approved to participate, the regular withdrawal policy will apply.

Availability & Travel Dates

Participants are required to be in the designated program location(s) for the duration of the program. Participants may not arrive late or leave early (except in an emergency). If the program requires group air travel, all students must fly with the group on the designated travel dates and flight.

Unaffiliated Travelers

On a UNL program, any individual who is not formally affiliated with the program (including but not limited to family members, friends, and significant others) may not accompany the participant or participate in any associated activities. Unaffiliated travelers may meet up with the participant before or after the official UNL program dates but not during the official program dates (unless otherwise noted), if the program allows for independent personal travel before and/or after the program. Students pursuing Exchange or Affiliated programs should refer to the host university's/program's policies regarding companions and visitors.

First Semester & Last Semester at UNL

Students are generally discouraged from studying abroad in their very first or very last semester at UNL. Most programs will not accept students in the summer prior to matriculation or in their first semester, as students typically need to demonstrate academic success at UNL prior to going abroad. Prior to pursuing a full semester or academic year abroad, undergraduate students are encouraged to complete two semesters of coursework at UNL. Students may pursue a short-term program (i.e. winter break or spring break program) prior to completing two semesters at UNL. Students wishing to pursue a semester or year program in their second semester should meet with a Coordinator early in the planning process.

In the last semester/term at UNL, students may encounter challenges related to credit transfer, graduation date, financial aid, and scholarship eligibility/preference. Students interested in going abroad in their final term should meet with a Coordinator and Husker Hub early in the planning process.

Passport & Visa

Participants must possess a valid passport by the designated deadline. In addition, participants must have obtained an entry visa for all applicable destinations, if required, by the deadline established for the program. International students are responsible for their immigration status in the U.S. and abroad. Failure to secure a passport or visa in a timely manner will result in withdrawal from the program, and the regular withdrawal policy will apply. Visas are granted solely at the discretion of the issuing Embassy or Consulate of the host country. UNL and any visa processing agency assisting UNL groups, have no control over visa denials, immigration and visa regulations and/or any changes in the Embassies/Consulates' policies.

Course Registration

All participants must enroll and maintain enrollment in the UNL course(s) and/or Special Waiver (SPCW) course for the appropriate number of credits required for the program by the designated deadline. Failure to enroll in a timely manner will result in withdrawal from the program, and the regular withdrawal policy will apply.

Health Clearance & Insurance

All students must complete a health clearance process, either for UNL or for the administering organization or institution. Failure to complete it will result in withdrawal from the program, and the regular withdrawal policy will apply. All students on a program must be covered by the same international health/safety insurance, regardless of other coverage. Students will be enrolled by UNL or the administering organization or institution and may not opt out.

General Scholarship Eligibility

All Global Experiences Office scholarships are designated for degree-seeking UNL students participating in credit-bearing programs and receiving academic credit. Minimum GPA varies by scholarship, and the lowest minimum GPA is 2.5. While scholarships are primarily merit-based ("essay-based"), financial need may also be considered. Applicants may start the scholarship application prior to their acceptance into a program. Students must be actively enrolled at UNL in the term in which they apply for the scholarship, the term prior to going abroad, and the term abroad. Preference may be given to students with at least one semester remaining at UNL after the experience abroad.

Scholarship recipients may apply the scholarship to programs sponsored by or approved for credit by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and participation must be approved by the Global Experiences Office. Recipients will receive scholarship funds in the beginning of the term in which they go abroad. While abroad for a full semester or academic year, a scholarship recipient must maintain full-time enrollment and pursue a full-time courseload. While abroad in the Summer, a scholarship recipient must be enrolled in the minimum number of credits required for the selected program.