Tips for Saving Money

Traveling on a Budget

There are many ways to stretch your dollar while abroad. Although your cost of living will depend heavily on where you are in the world, the following ways to travel on a budget are universal and can be applied wherever you decide to go. Prioritizing beforehand where and how you will spend your money will ensure you are able to get the most of your money and do more of what you want with it, like traveling!

Using public transportation can be a great way to save money while experiencing a different side of the city or town where you'll be living. Public transportation outside of the United States can come in many different forms, be it buses, trains, ferries, or the metro. You'll find that people outside of the US generally use public transportation more often, however, the extensiveness, reliability, and quality of the transportation will differ considerably depending on your destination. It's important to remember that your safety is top priority, so never put ease or affordability over it. If you don't feel comfortable using public transportation, be it because it's night out, you're alone, or in an unsafe part of town, catch the nearest taxi.

Staying in hostels is not only affordable, but can be extremely rewarding, as you are able to meet fellow travelers from all parts of the world. Many hostels are centrally located in neighborhoods where hotels and other mainstream accommodation would be very expensive. Hostels can be historical or purpose-built buildings most often with a common area, dormitory style rooms, and cooking facilities. Make sure you do your research online and know what safety and security measures will be in place for each location. You can search for hostels using sites such as Hostelworld,, or Hosteling International. Quick tip: try to stay at hostels that include breakfast in the daily rate, and always bring a padlock and towel so you don't have to rent one!

Student Identity Cards

Your NCard and/or your host institution student ID may entitle you to free or reduced rates at theaters, museums, student hotels, etc., in many countries, as well as reduced rates on trains, boats and flights. Always be sure to check for student rates or discounts before purchasing at full price.