Some Faculty-Led programs include a group flight, and some students with financial need book through UNL's Airfare Assistance Program (AAP). Otherwise, students purchase their own airfare directly, from the airline or through a trusted travel agency or online platform. Fox World Travel is the designated travel agency for the University of Nebraska. Student travel agencies, such as Student Universe, can also be a good option to explore for student discounts.

Below is a list of alternative websites for booking flights:

The Global Experiences staff is available to provide advice on how and when to book your flight. We know this can be challenging, especially for first time world travelers

For Summer 2022 Faculty-Led Programs, students are required to purchase any individual airfare tickets with Fox World Travel.

Rail Passes

Train travel in many countries is a popular and efficient way to get around. A railpass can save you money by offering unlimited travel for specific time periods. In some cases, rail passes can only be purchased in the U.S. prior to departure.