Other UNL Scholarships and Financial Aid

UNL College and Departmental Scholarships

UNL Colleges and Departments have a variety of scholarships and travel grants that are awarded to their students. Please inquire with your college or department administration for more details. Funding from the College of Business and Department of Modern Languages & Literatures are awarded through the MAPS Scholarship Application.

College of Architecture
Hixson-Lied School of Art, Art History & Design International Education Scholarship
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
College of Education and Human Sciences: Ready, Set, Go!
College of Journalism and Mass Communications: Grimes Memorial Competition

Renewable Financial Aid and UNL Scholarships

Do you already use financial aid and scholarships to help pay for your education at UNL? Certain scholarships and financial aid can be used to offset your expenses. As you select a program type and program sponsor, ask the Global Experiences Office and Husker Hub for guidance on applying the aid you already have.