F.A.Q Global Experiences Administered Scholarships

Do I need to know what program I am participating in?
  • Early Abroad scholarship applicants do NOT need to know their program yet.
  • For all other scholarships, you will be asked to describe your program and why you selected it. You do not have to be accepted into the program at the time you apply for scholarships.
How do I know if my application is complete?
  • All boxes on your MyWorld scholarship application will be checked.
Am I eligible for (name of scholarship)?
  • All UNL students are encouraged to apply using the MAPS application, as this allows you to apply for several awards at one time.
  • For all other applications, please review the criteria before beginning your application, as the eligibility requirements are specific to the award.
How likely am I to receive a scholarship?
  •     The scholarship process is competitive, not all applicants will receive funding.
How much funding can I expect to receive?
  • Most awards range from $500-$3,500 depending on the scholarship. 
  • Students will not receive full funding exclusively from Global Experiences administered scholarships. 
  • Students should explore other funding sources including: personal savings, family contributions, other UNL college/department scholarships, current UNL scholarships, loans, grants, national scholarships, affiliated program scholarships, etc.
Can I receive multiple scholarships?
  • Yes, but is it unlikely that a student will receive more that one award from the Global Experiences Office. A student may receive a combination of awards from different sources (UNL college/departments, current UNL scholarships, national scholarships, affiliated programs, etc.)
Will I need to commit to my program before being notified of scholarship results?
  • Program applications and deposit deadlines vary, there is a chance that you will need to commit to a program before all scholarship results are in. Please check all of these dates so you understand your personal timeline for making a decision.
How will my scholarship be applied to my program costs?
  • Scholarships from the Global Experiences Office will be applied to student accounts on MyRED, at the beginning of the UNL term in which you are going abroad. 
  • Funds cannot be disbursed in an earlier term. 
  • If scholarships and aid exceed the amount you are charged by UNL for your program, you will be issued a refund.
Do you accept late recommendations?
  • Unfortunately, late recommendations are not accepted. It is important to complete recommendation information well in advance of the deadline to ensure that recommenders are given ample time to complete a letter/form. 
  • Any application without the required number of recommendations will be considered incomplete and be withdrawn.
I accidentally submitted a recommendation before I was ready - how do I fix this?
  • Contact the Global Experiences Office for assistance.
How do I request a recommender?
  • Recommendation information can be found on a student's MyWorld application. A recommender's contact information including name and email address will be needed.