Planning Ahead

Up-Front Costs

Most programs include upfront costs such as program deposits, U.S. Passports, visas, and airfare. Students should be aware that some expenses must be covered before scholarships and financial aid are disbursed. It is important to develop a plan for covering these up-front costs in the term prior to departure.

The Global Experiences Office offers the following options to any UNL student who is participating on a UNL faculty-led program and has an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) below $15,000. These options will serve as a “bridge” during the three to four months between committing to a program and purchasing airfare, and receiving scholarships and financial aid.

  • Commitment Deposit Payment Deferment Plan: Eligible students may commit to a program by signing an agreement with the GEO instead of paying an initial Commitment Deposit.
  • Airfare Assistance Program (AAP): GEO staff will partner with Fox World Travel on behalf of eligible students to purchase airfare for programs with individual flight reservations. Students will be billed for airfare at the beginning of the term in which they go abroad.


Working ahead of time to plan for your experience is crucial. The GEO will help you create an all-inclusive estimated budget for your selected program, and help you compare costs across several potential programs. Husker Hub can then help you identify the gap between the estimated program cost and the various funding sources you have available (grants, scholarships, federal or private loans, etc.).

The GEO also encourages students to meet with the Student Money Management Center to develop a personal financial plan for before, during, and after your international experience.