Why Earn Credit?

In general, UNL students pursuing opportunities abroad are encouraged to earn academic credit for the experience. There are many benefits to earning credit, including but not limited to the following:

  • Eligibility for scholarships: for most awards, students must earn at least one credit, but some awards have higher credit minimums;
  • Eligibility for federal financial aid: credit minimums vary by term (semester vs. summer) and level (undergraduate vs. graduate);
  • Ability to maintain student status at UNL: students enroll in UNL course(s) and/or in a Special Waiver (SPCW) placeholder course;
  • Opportunity to receive ACE 9 outcome completion waiver;
  • Proof of the academic legitimacy of the experience, and academic oversight and guidance from a qualified instructor;
  • The international experience will appear on the UNL transcript.