Pre-Departure Credit Evaluation

1. Research courses you would like to take abroad.

Begin by exploring the list of course offerings specific to your program to determine which courses you would like to take abroad. A list of available courses can usually be found online, either on the program's website or by searching the host university's online course catalog. Make sure to read the course description and download the syllabus for each course, if available. It's recommended that you select two or more "back up" options should your first choices not be available.

2. Print and complete or fill in the online pdf of the Pre-Departure Education Abroad Credit form.

Prepare at least one form per department by completing Sections 1 and 2. In Section 1, you must list the institution granting credit (e.g., host university) and mark whether this is a U.S. or international institution. If you are unsure, ask your program contact.

3. Email the designated transfer credit evaluator(s).

A transfer credit evaluator is a UNL faculty or staff member who meets with students to determine how their credit earned abroad will come back to UNL. You will have to take or email one completed Pre-Departure Credit form per department along with the course description and/or syllabus to the designated transfer credit evaluator. The evaluator will determine the anticipated equivalent UNL course/subject and number of credit hours, and will complete and sign the form. Make sure to ask if you are required to have the course evaluated upon your return, and the items you will need to provide the evaluator at that time.

4. Check your MyWorld application to ensure the process has been completed.

After the transfer credit evaluator completes the evaluation and pre-departure credit form, they will forward the form to your college dean's office or advising center for the final signatures in section 5. The college dean's office or advising center will then return the signed form to theGlobal Experiences Office, at which point Global Experiences staff will upload the form to the "Documents" section of your MyWorld application.