ACE 9 Credit

ACE 9 Outcome: Exhibit global awareness or knowledge of human diversity through analysis of an issue.

If a student participates in a UNL approved global experience, they are eligible to apply that experience to the ACE 9 outcome completion. UNL approved programs include faculty-led, exchange, affiliated, or other programs that students have pre-approved before departure. A minimum of 3 credit hours must be completed during the experience, either as UNL credit or transferred back to UNL. The experience of going abroad, not necessarily the course itself, will satisfy ACE 9.

Prior to departure, the student will enroll in a zero-credit UGEP 250 course and submit a project proposal. In the term in which the student is abroad, the student is required to submit a 5- to 7-page reflection paper or a creative work addressing a global issue they encountered during their experience.

(Note: Students who studied abroad prior to Fall 2019 may use the previous "Completion Form for ACE 9 Post-Education Abroad Experience.")

For a detailed explanation of the Global Experience for ACE 9 option, waiver process, see the ACE website.