Education Abroad Fee

The Education Abroad Fee is a mandatory $150 fee charged to all UNL students who participate in a credit-bearing global experiences program, regardless of program type. It is also charged to non-UNL students participating in UNL programs. The fee is the same for all students in all programs: $150 per program.

UNL is not unique in charging these fees, and many universities charge much higher fees. Most public universities have moved to a "fee-based" model, shifting more of the cost of studying abroad to the students actually studying abroad. The Education Abroad Fee finances in part the operation of the Global Experiences Office. The fee will not be waived if you choose not to utilize the services that the Global Experiences Office provides.

The Education Abroad Fee may appear as a separate charge on your student account or it may be included in your overall program cost. If you are not accepted into the program to which you apply, you will not be charged the fee. If you are accepted into and commit to a UNL program, but then you choose to withdraw, you will not receive a refund of the fee.