Leader Workshops & Certification

The GEO staff offers six workshops throughout the academic year for current and prospective faculty leaders.

  1. Supporting the Whole Student
  2. Program Design and Partnerships
  3. Intercultural Learning and Student Preparation
  4. The Diversity Advantage of Education Abroad
  5. Encouraging Student Investment: Recruitment, Applications, and Affordability
  6. Health, Safety and Student Conduct Abroad (required for leaders each year)

Workshops 1-5 are delivered in 45 minutes, and workshop 6 is delivered in 2 hours, by GEO staff and relevant guest presenters (Director of Global Safety and Security, Business & Finance, Title IX Coordinator, experienced leaders, etc.). Workshop 6 is required each year a leader is traveling with students.

If a leader attends three optional workshops, the leader will be certified and the certification will be noted on program marketing materials. Certification will be valid for three years. (Even if certified, the leader is still required to attend the health, safety and student conduct workshop each year.)

Workshops can be scheduled as needed on a 1:1 meeting via Zoom.

Certified Leaders

The leaders below have completed the certification process:

Francoise Agena

Kathleen Anderson

William Belcher

Jim Benes

Kelli Britten

Mark Burbach

Thomas Burkey

Rochelle Dalla

Clyde Davis

Anne Duncan

Kari Eller

Dana Fritz

Montserrat Fuente-Camacho

Bradley Goetsch

Emira Ibrahimpasic

Libby Jones

Megan Kelley

Brian Kelly

Katie Kerr

Jon Kerrigan

Lorraine Males

Laurie Miller

Amy Napoli

Dennis Perkey

Walker Pickering

Kelly Powell

Larkin Powell

Jonathan Recker

Julia Reilly

Yassine Rfissa

Robert Russell

Deborah Schaben

Chandra Schwab

Rob Simon

Rosalee Swartz

Amanda Thomas

Bruce Thorson

Sue Vagts

Joseph Weber

Kim Wilson

Linda Young