Military Connected Students

Ask Yourself:

  • How will any prior global experiences shape your perceptions during your program abroad?
  • How will the academic and cultural context abroad possibly shape your global experience?
  • Are you looking to continue your career in the military, and if so, what type of experience would be most beneficial in the short-term and/or long-term?

Ask your Global Experiences Coordinator and other program staff:

  • What has been the overall experience of military affiliated students who have participated on programs abroad?
  • I have already had an international experience due to my military service; what program recommedations do you have for students that have already had significant experience abroad?
  • Which programs have access to a fitness facility if I need to maintain a fitness regimen?
  • Will I need to list my military service on a visa application, and how will I do so?

Prepare and Research:

  • Has the U.S. military been involved in prior action with or in your host country? What is the perception of those military actions among locals?
  • How will you discuss your military experience with locals, and how might it be perceived?
  • If you are in ROTC, you will want to speak with your reporting officer about expectations for your global experience. 
  • If you are using VA educational benefits towards the cost of your program, please start the planning process early and have a backup plan in case funding is not available.
  • If you are using VA educational benefits, please share this with your Education Abroad Coordinator and program staff.  In addition, let them know that you will need to collaborate closely with the Military & Veteran Success Center.

On-Campus Resources - Military & Veteran Success Center:

  • Many military connected students might be able to use their VA educational benefits towards a global experience. 
  • Please contact Deb Quinn, Veterans Coordinator, to discuss the use of VA educational benefits towards a global experience:, (402) 472-4130.

Additional Resources:

If I have more questions, who should I contact?

  • Jim Benes, Global Experiences Coordinator,